Hacks and Unfair Advantages.

Connecting with any of these mods is not allowed, even if you do not use them.

Behavior Rules

Account Rules

General In-Game Rules.

Faction Rules.

To give a fair advantage, we have split “animals” into 2 categories for limits: Animals and Pets. This will allow faction members to have their pets while allowing the faction to have animals also.

Pets: Cat, Ocelot, Donkey, Fox, Horse, Mule, Parrot, Dolphin, Llama, Polar bear, Wolf, Snow Golem. Anything else is considered as "Animals"

Sub-Faction Rules.

A sub-faction is a second faction that is “related to” another faction for additional claims…this is a closer relation than an Allied faction.

Redstone Rules

A redstone clock is a form of redstone that keeps running in a loop.

Survival World Rules.

Auction and Trading Rules.

Rules are subject to change at any time. Trying to abuse loopholes/figure out ways around the server rules will also get you in trouble.